Thursday, April 28, 2011

In the Kitchen

Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 1/3-Quart Mini Cocotte, Flame
Mine is in Cobalt Blue, but
I'm coveting the one in Ocean.
I'm utterly lacking in domesticity.  I was too lazy to use a roomba and when I finally did, it made it about three feet, started coughing, and died, never to be revived.  Canned soup requires too much effort for me.  My friends joke that if I ever create an online dating profile, I ought to add in the caveat, "I don't cook, but I can afford to order take out."

For some reason though, I've taken up an interest in cookware, more specifically, Le Creuset.  It all started when I saw one of the mini cast iron cocottes from Le Creuset in a local cookware shop (I was bored waiting for a movie to start).  I left it, but later came back to purchase it.  I loved it.  It was perfect for cooking just the right amount.

Le Creuset MG0409-MC Round French Oven Magnets, Set of 4
They're miniature! 
Resistance was futile.
Since then, I've purchased a larger pink dutch oven from their outlet, magnets, a frying pan, and other accoutrements.  Even more oddly, I look forward to the outlet for the kitchenware as much as I do for the clothes.  I wonder if I'm actually starting to grow up.

I'm currently looking for the cell phone accessory of a pink mini casserole dish that I've seen online.  Pink, miniature, and Le Creuset?  Absolutely must have.

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