Favorite Sites

Here are some of the sites I frequent regularly:

  • The Oatmeal:  I love the design and the humor always puts a smile on my face.
  • A Softer World:  Disturbingly on the mark sometimes. 
  • XKCD:  Hilarious and intelligent.  Often teaches me new principles or makes me re-evaluate my position on them.
  • The Doghouse Diaries:  I can always relate to their comics.
Blogs and Stuff:
  • The Bag Snob:  I don't always agree with their commentaries; however, it's a place for a lot of my dreams to start and to keep up with things.
  • Geeksugar and Yumsugar:  These are two sites I follow-up on daily to get my technology fix and to expand my horizons in cooking.
  • Void:  I came across this site when I'd just purchased my Qi Nanonote for application support and check it regularly for updates.
  • Pocketables:  Feeds my obsession of mini computers.  I'm mainly interested in the clamshell devices, but like to check out everything.
  • Etsy:  I love checking this site for unique items.  While some of it's junk to be honest, there's a lot of handcrafted, quality goods that would be impossible to find without spending a fortune for those of us not lucky enough to live in one of the shopping meccas of the world.  I've found a spork necklace from Marymaryhandmade, a robot necklace from Jewelsvine, and wonderful custom leather pieces from Joevleather and HarLex.
  • ModCloth:  Wonderfully quirky items.  My favorite find was a clear glass travel cup and lid.
  • Dynamism:  A place to find technology not available in the US otherwise.  I go for the miniature computers.
  • Tasting Room:  Want to gain exposure to wine?  This is the perfect site to find out which kinds you like the best.  Mini bottles (<3) of different vineyards and varietals.