Sunday, July 17, 2011

Teeny-Tiny, Itty-Bitty Mouse

I have a few handheld computers; ok, 1, 2...5.  That counts as a few, right?  In addition, I've been going to more and more meetings at work with their laptop (I swear I'm not that important) and detest using the trackpad.  I have a couple of mini mice, but with my desktops at home and a workstation for when I work from home, I have more mice than computers.

Z-Nano Optical MouseGiven my obsession with miniatures, there are a bunch of tiny mice out there and even some super tiny trackballs.  Occasionally, when surfing the interwebs, I do things like search for "smallest _______".  One day in my searches, I looked for the smallest mouse and found the Z-Nano Optical Mouse.  Initially, it was impossible to find to purchase, but fortunately Amazon and a couple other places have it now. It's slightly larger than my finger and you "left-click" by pressing forward and "right-click" by pressing backwards.

It's not too great for gaming, but it serves its purpose and doesn't take up much space.  It rarely gets tangled on itself as there's a magnet to connect the usb connection to the mouse.  Additionally, it's a wonderful way to break up awkward silences in a meeting when you take it out of your bag.  The best part it doesn't add bulk to tiny clutches when I'm carrying one of my handhelds.

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