Monday, July 18, 2011


Midnight Moon (1 pound) by Gourmet-Food.comSo despite being genetically predisposed to lactose-intolerance, I simply cannot survive (psychologically, at least) without cheese on a regular basis.  It's one thing I share in common with my super particular spoiled dog, Picky Peggy.  She eschews cheaper cheeses (store bought shredded cheddar and the like) for the $20+ pound stuff, whether it be Midnight Moon or a cave-aged gruyere.  Not that I can blame her, considering I am the one who brings this stuff into the house.  I just kinda sorta really wish she'd eat her dinner without it having as much cheese on it as mine does.  Just sayin'.

Cambozola (8 ounce)My recent obsession has been cambozola which I am not sharing (and not just because I'm worried about giving a blue cheese to a dog).  It's nicknamed the "blue brie" due to it's tang and consistency.  I'd heard about it but never sought it out until I was hungry at Costco one time and looking for samples I could eat.  I took a piece to munch on and immediately went back and grabbed a pound.  Now it's my addiction and I need a fix daily.  Fortunately, I found it once again on a later trip.  It's worth every penny, but if I can get it for about half what I'm finding on the internet, not including shipping, why not take the deal/steal?  It's so smooth and creamy, but with these amazing blue veins.  I love brie, but this, this is something in its own league.  I've tried both the original Champignon version and Black Label version and personally favor the former.  It's less salty and let's the blue flavor really shine.

Although it's not really a recipe, if I'm not downing the stuff by the slice, I'm eating in a salad (look at me;  salads!  Never thought I'd see the day;  I grew up loathing the stuff) with heirloom tomatoes, avocados, and butter lettuce with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Healthy, fast, and delicious.  I usually pair it with Martinelli's Sparkling Prickly Passion Lemonade.

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