Sunday, June 19, 2011


Kind of.  Sort of.  If you use your imagination, but it's mini and cute and I can wear it constantly without receiving weird looks, not that that's ever stopped me.

I'd had a mini bottle of bubbles keychain that mirrored it's larger counterparts I'd find in the supermarket, but it became a Sadie chew toy that I didn't realize she had until it was too late.  (Fortunately, most of the bubble solution had already evaporated and we don't call the 70 white mixed-breed dog "Sadie Steel Stomach" for no reason.) 

I was shopping a while back and wandered into Juicy Couture to check out if they had anything pink and decided to peruse the charms they had as they'll have some that are chock full of detail and suit me perfectly.  I couldn't believe when I stumbled upon this.  A tiny little bottle of bubbles charm.  It was so cute I could barely take it.  Even better, it was on sale and discounted down to around $25.  I'd have bought it regardless; however, it being on sale only added to my desire and justification as it was destiny for me to find it on one of my shopping trips as they are becoming less and less frequent and it was on sale.
I love the tiny barcode on the back!

I love how intricate many of the charms are.  I have a the orange bowler bag with a tiny charm on the handle from back in the day and the miniature jewelry box that carried the same design as the box in which it was contained.  This one is no exception.  It remains true to the Juicy brand with their crown logo on the bottom and is thoughtfully designed.  It opens and has a bubble riveted wand (reminds me of the ones I had as a kid) with a "bubble" in it and a tiny barcode.  It's a significant upgrade from the plastic mini bubble bottle I'd had before and I'll be more careful about leaving it in areas within reach of the dogs.

It's a bit more on Amazon (around $45), but you can find it here.

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