Friday, June 17, 2011

Cheap and Neon: Two of My Favorite Things

Tepper Jackson Aero Dot Cosmetic Bag,White,one size
Aero Dot Cosmetic Bag
I've wanted Tepper Jackson's Chain Link Carry-All for quite some time.  I always have the Aero Dot Cosmetic Bag on me.  The bright pink is the perfect shade and it's so easy to clean, which is a big deal for me as I'm grateful for the popularity of acrylic tumblers so I don't have to carry a sippy cup .

Tepper Jackson's line is of good quality and design, I love the neon colors, and I'd use it for the gym and for traveling, but it's not like I need another bag right now (well, at least that's what my head says).  I feel $100 is a bit excessive for a coated canvas bag when I already have three gym bags within my line of vision at the moment.

Tepper Jackson Chain Link Carry-All,Black,one size
Chain Link Carry-All
It all changed though, when I was looking on Amazon the other day and saw it on sale for $40 with free shipping.  Now that's a price I can get behind.

I wound up selecting the last available Carry-All in white since the pink stood out more, but there's still one in black on Amazon for around $40 which is eligible for their "Free Super Saver Shipping" the last time I checked.

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