Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alpha-Robot Complex

Wild and Wolf Mechanical Wind-Up Venus RobotI'll probably chronicle some of these tales and wanted to give some background on its origins.  The realization occurred only recently; however, the actual manifestation of the complex started a long time ago.  I noticed when I was a teenager that electronics would strangely stop working on me, beyond the frustrations one comes to expect from working with them on a day to day basis.

I recall one day, the screen on a phone that I'd had less than three months just randomly stopped working.  The next phone, unless held in exactly the correct position would only allow callers to hear me at barely above a whisper.  CD players would magically turn on without prompt; screens would randomly turn on and start flashing when I was across the room.  The buttons on the dashboard in my car would stop working unless pressed in exactly the right order.

At work, my computer would mysteriously reboot when no one was using it.  That one was replaced with a computer with a hard drive that made horrible whirring noises.  One night, the hard drive determined it had had enough and went into overdrive, shrieking, smoking, and finally dying.

Sadly, the impacts aren't limited to just my electronics.  One friend who lived across the country had their phone spaz out shortly after having two conversations in a row.  Another friend who's computer I used on a few occasions, had their power supply, video card (twice), motherboard, and hard drive unceremoniously die after each time I used it.

After moving to a new team, they repeatedly referred to me as a robot.  Given my history with electronics, I realized that I had an alpha-robot complex.  While it's something I've yet to overcome, the stories in the meantime will, with any luck, provide entertainment.

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