Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink Le Creuset Charm

So cute!  I love the matching packaging
instead of them using their traditional orange.
I'm an ebay and etsyaholic.  I love ebay because I can find nearly anything there.  I'll search for something I had as a kid and be able to find it in with a variety of grades and prices.  I've been bidding on auctions for ten years and can't stop the addiction.

I mentioned previously wanting to get a pink Le Creuset charm and found one after some searching on ebay.

These were freebies in Japan when purchasing a Pepsi Nex that came in a variety of colors last year.

It's still in the original packaging and I'm debating whether or not I should take it out as the packaging is pink and I don't have one of those slots for charms on my phone, so could only attach it to my nanonote.

Regardless, it's absolutely adorable.  The pink matches the large pink Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven that I'd purchased at an outlet awhile back.  I'm half tempted to carry it around in the packaging on a keychain, but that would be a tad eccentric, no?

A pic with my magnets after the jump.

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