Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Botkier Charlotte

Ah, for the love of purses.  I love neon; however, my other wardrobe staple is gray.  It pairs with most any of my neutrals and any of my neons.  Just as flattering as black; it avoids the gothic stereotypes.

botkier Charlotte Satchel,Grey,one sizeI saw the Botkier Charlotte and loved the shade, the details, the hardware, and the shape.  I've been looking for a neutral bag to wear daily as my current collection is full of pinks or clutches.  The gray will go nicely with almost all of my clothes and the design is classic without being stuffy.

I tend to like larger bags, but as I'm petite, can't go too large.  This won't overwhelm me, but will carry everything I need.  It's currently going for $575, so I may wait for it to go on sale, but I think it's the perfect everyday bag for me.

Purse available on Amazon:  botkier Charlotte Satchel,Grey,one size

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